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Paul Oestreicher is a communications expert and adviser, educator and entrepreneur. A scientist by training, he has held executive positions in public relations/affairs at major health care companies and public relations agencies. Currently, Dr. Oestreicher is the head of the Office of Communications and Public Affairs at Yeshiva University. Prior, he consulted in corporate and marketing communications, business strategy and development, and risk/issues/crisis/reputation management and was Adjunct Professor at New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Division of Programs in Business. In addition, he holds five toy patents. TagsMania, LLC markets his simple, fun and engaging toys for babies and toddlers. He may be contacted at paul.oestreicher@yu.edu.

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Paul’s talk at the Westport (CT) Public Library was made into a podcast.  Listen here.

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The Relevance of Camelot to Today’s Leaders and Institutions

Before We Begin: A Quick Review of Arthur’s Life

Chapter 1.  Finding Merlin: Getting a Mentor and Filling the Brain Drain

Chapter 2.  Becoming a Fish: Walking in Another’s Shoes and Gaining Empathy

Chapter 3.  Might for Right: Developing a Plan with Mission, Vision, and Values

Chapter 4.  Equal Justice: Reevaluating and Reinnovating

Chapter 5.  Creating a Round Table: Assembling the Right Team

Chapter 6.  How to be the Best Knight: Marrying Method and Manner

Chapter 7.  Pursuing the Holy Grail: Rallying around a Common Goal

Chapter 8.  Picking Your Battles: Navigating through Your Audience and Environment

Chapter 9.  When Others Use Cannon: Expecting the Unexpected

Chapter 10. Realism and Idealism: Balancing Vision and Execution

Chapter 11. Joust for Fun: Dealing with Boundary Issues

Chapter 12. Dutiful versus Inspired Thinking: Being Inside and Outside the Box

Chapter 13. Passing the Candle: Planning for Succession

Chapter 14. Destiny and Legacy: Making Your Personal and Professional Mark

Chapter 15. Final Thoughts: The Camelot Wisdom Top 10

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Paul’s most recent talks were at the ACLU in New York City and at the

International Association of Business Communicators in Philadelphia.